Top 9 CRM Solutions for Financial Services Businesses

It doesn’t matter if a given client has worked alongside multiple reps or salespeople; their behaviors are monitored, recorded, and easily accessible. Why not bolster your cutting-edge FinTech tools with a multi-dimensional view of every business client or customer? Though the industry already uses comprehensive technology, it’s geared toward financial services and not client relationships. CRM platforms like Salesforce can help FinTech firms shift their focus to their customers’ journey. A cloud-based CRM called Salesforce is an all-inclusive sales system created to work optimally for your entire firm.

  • Regarding product vision, revenue growth and marketing execution, salesforce takes the trophy, and most enterprises have praised it.
  • The pricing is as follows; the essential package goes for $25 a month for 10 users and below, professional goes for $75, enterprise goes for $$150, whereas unlimited goes for $300.
  • In this article, we discus some of the benefits companies get by using both Fintech and crm.
  • Today, 39% of Inbound FinTech’s revenue, and 30% of its leads, can be attributed to its partnership with HubSpot.
  • Knowing when to call clients, when to email them, and what to say may mean the difference when it comes to gaining more assets under management.
  • Such software facilitates agency organization and prompts a follow-up along with providing real-time lending industry intelligence as well as reputation management functionality.

Gatherings, exercises, and record cautions are largely accessible readily available. The product is likewise helpful for settling on telephone decisions and taking notes during gatherings. You can work without web access, on account of the salesforce disconnected highlight. Monetary organizations can rapidly recognize purchasers by building separate classes for them with Salesforce CRM as an afterthought.


With the tools offered by Salesforce Suite of CRM solutions, the company can create new customer-centric features and strategies to implement the digital product. The Salesforce features and tools help companies draw better insights into customer behavior from the overall use of the platform. The integration of the CRM platform improves the customer-brand relationship with new, customized services designed to meet customers’ expectations. By taking the technological innovation that’s rife in the industry and applying it to customer relationships, FinTech companies can develop personalized products that serve their client base’s needs. Salesforce empowers FinTech companies because it tracks every part of the customer journey and allows you to use customer data to directly influence your services.

CRM for Fintech

With its customizable technology, Salesforce can mold to meet the needs of any FinTech company. The FinTech industry isn’t one-size-fits-all when it comes to software, systems, and frameworks, which is why Salesforce was built with flexibility in mind. Salesforce uses objects, records, list views, workflow, and processes to enhance customer experiences. Different FinTech companies will have their own definitions of records and workflows.

Complete Guide For Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

If you are in the investment business, you are probably using an opportunity pipeline management to organize sales. Automated opportunity management displays all opportunities inside your sales pipeline neatly arranged according to their phase in the sales cycle. This feature lets you focus on your most promising opportunities, and leads you to achieve your sales target goals successfully. Look strategically at the mobility and how it can support your business and improve processes. Become a dominant player in the market by implementing and automating your credit union CRM software.

The integration of Sales Cloud for Salesforce for Fintech companies will advance Lead Generation through which your company can increase the conversion rates. In addition, sales Promotions and Sales strategies are easily finalized as the needed data is already collated. Monitoring sales is also easier and saves precious time and money, resulting in higher revenues and profits. A robust CRM solution, Keap combines customer data management, marketing automation, sales pipelines, payments, and more, into a single, integrated platform. Companies need their sales and marketing strategies to work together if they want to thrive in their industry.

Salesforce Implementation Checklist: How To Implement Salesforce Seamlessly

Used by over 2000 organisations, Affinity CRM powers sales pipelines by enabling Sales teams to make and close deals. Deep, enriched data and relationship and pipeline analytics help teams firm-wide to understand target founders, buyers and sellers, create opportunities for introductions and drive deal-making improvements. Some have been designed to meet the needs and challenges of companies in the Financial Services industry, while others can be customised to suit your sector’s needs and demands. Many of the same CRM challenges crop up across the Financial Services landscape with regularity. Learn how we help businesses to align Sales and Marketing teams and leverage sales automation tools to power their pipeline. For example, you might provide an online personal loan to a borrower who makes their payment a day late.

CRM for Fintech

A good CRM can also help you keep in touch with past customers and incentivize them to bank with you again. And, with pretty much everything going mobile these days, most CRMs for banking have a mobile app as well, which can be incredibly helpful for field-based workers on the go. Today, 40% of Inbound FinTech’s clients are on retainers, with many of those stemming from the partner program.

CRM for Fintech

Create custom business rules, user roles permissions, manage affiliates, and track your entire pipeline. Salesforce helps connect with customers in a whole new way, building meaningful and lasting relationships. Salesforce focuses on better understanding the needs, identify new opportunities to help, address any problems faster and deploy customer-focused apps. The platform’s features lend themselves to smooth sales operations within the Insurance industry. Agents can manage new claims from the easy-to-use dashboard while maintaining visibility over performance and deadlines.

HubSpot is one of the best CRM platforms for Financial Services, investment firms and insurance agencies. Discover the importance of aligning Sales and Marketing teams, consolidating data and streamlining processes. Partnering with Abstrakt forex CRM solution Cloud Solutions will allow you to get the most value out of your Salesforce investment. If you’re ready to experience the many benefits that come from using Salesforce in your FinTech company, schedule a meeting with us today.

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